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We have two of the contractor models to wash boots. Our guys work in wet coal, wet ash and wet lime and that stuff gets everywhere, unless they use the Greelyman boot washer! We like to keep our plant clean and the boot scrubber is the easiest and fastest way to wash boots and shoes. It makes boots a lot safer as well.
Danno, Coal Fired Power Plant with scrubber
Thank You! And our cleaning contractor thanks you! It really makes a big difference on the mud issues we where having in the buildings.
Just crank on the valve and scrub your feet back and forth. It's fantastic, a quick process, easy to operate, and keeps the mud and dirt out of the house that you're building.
Ken Ball, General Contractor
Yeah, your boot cleaning system is awesome. Our park (www.thehopewellrocks.ca) is a ocean tidal exploration site where visitors walk on the ocean floor when the tide is out. You can imagine the amount of mud that gets brought off the beach and into our buildings. We have always used boot brushes with no water jets, because they were never available. This system will extend the life of our carpeting for years. Thanks Mike !!
Russ Gallant, The Hopewell Rocks
We use it to keep our building free from the mud and grass our employees have on their boots. We also have two Scrushers. Our people do Highway Maintenance which includes cutting grass and working outdoors. Their boots get mud, grass and other debris on them and stuck in the soles. The Scrushers do a decent job with the grass but were not cleaning the mud. We have a new building that we want to keep clean. They were still tracking mud in until we got your boot washer. No problems now, with the side benefit that their boots will probably last longer because the grass and dirt is being removed.
Greg Litz, Facility Maintenance Supervisor I Baltimore H

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